We come up with any eCommerce solutions you need, we support and advice you on them. We can generate extraordinary out-of-the-box ideas or provide you with fine standard offers. No matter what is your vision, we give you the key.
Visual Design

Visual Design

We create remarkable and user oriented designs. Your clients will appreciate the innovative solutions and the ease of using the web site on any device. Our designs are made to sell.


We have the experience, the skills and the scope to create any mind-blowing projects you want to realize. Our Magento developers generate outstanding software solutions. Your vision and our dedication to the work give excellent collaboration experience.
Systems integration

Systems integration

We can integrate your eCommerce platform with any software necessary. From all the Magento extensions out there to any complicated external systems. You want us to connect your online store with your fridge? We will figure out that one as well.


Whatever hosting you choose for your project, we have got your back. We can configure, optimize, monitor and take care of your servers. We want your eCommerce project to be an enjoyable experience for the users.


We will train you to operate your eCommerce platform easily and with confidence – by piling up your knowledge about the system step by step, accurately and carefully. We happily share our wisdom to make your project work its best.


Once launched, your web site is a living being. It has its own moods and processes. We are here to offer you any support necessary and to help you keep it happy and fruitful. We know the web site treatment that makes the users happy.
A/B testing

A/B testing

We help you to sell your product by making the client's experience as relaxed as possible. We know what works and how to guide the client through the site to make a purchase. We make the path the customer takes smooth and straight.
Online marketing

Online marketing

We know who your clients are. We know how to find them. We know how to appeal to them. We know what they want and how they want it. Using the right marketing tools is key to success. We give you an expertise on what are the right moves for your business.
  • Amoralle
  • Sotheby's
  • Finndomo
  • Dome Hotel
  • LSG Sky Chefs
  • NFC
  • National Theatre
  • Code tricot
  • Amoralle
  • Sotheby's
  • X Card cover photo

    Best credit and debit cards in the Baltics. Discounts all over the Baltic states and valuable prizes for points collected with each purchase.

  • TVG cover photo

    TVG is one of the leading cloud service and software distributors in the region, operating in the Baltic States for more than 20 years.

  • Malo cover photo

    Malo is an Italian luxury fashion brand founded in 1972. The website is characterized by fine details and elegance.

  • Pins cover photo

    A webdesign for the PINS rewards store. PINS is a loyalty program for everyday shopper and flyer

  • Maxmoto cover photo

    Max Moto is a leading motorcycle parts, accessories and equipment dealer in the Baltic region

  • Mi Alma cover photo
    Mi Alma screenshot Mi Alma tablet Mi Alma phone

    Many tealight candle holders of modern and romantic design by MI ALMA have found their place in homes and offices all around the world.

  • Safariplanter cover photo

    Norwegian interior landscaping company, including care & maintenance of plants.

  • Amoralle cover photo
    Amoralle screenshot Amoralle landscape tablet

    Amoralle is a luxury lingerie and nightwear brand. The online store has several non-standard features and they successfully sell worldwide.

  • cover photo screenshot tablet phone

    Multifunctional custom made responsive design for this gardening and forestry tools and technique online store.

  • Faniem cover photo is the official sports fans apparel store of Olympic Team Latvia.

  • Silkplaster cover photo
    Silkplaster screenshot Silkplaster landscape tablet

    SILK PLASTER is an experienced and world recognized producer of ecological interior coatings made of silk fibers in various styles.

  • Elektrum Olympic Sport Centre cover photo

    The Olympic Sport Centre is a multi-functional sports facility in Riga.

Magento is a feature-rich Ebay Inc owned eCommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with comprehensive flexibility and control over the appearance, content and functionality of their eCommerce store. The intuitive administration interface of Magento features powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog management tools to give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Designed to be completely customizable and backed by a huge community and support partners, Magento offers companies the ultimate eCommerce solution.   

  • Follow the example of the leading eCommerce sites in the world – Magento supports all the powerful features and non-standard solutions the world's Top10 eCommerce businesses are using to achieve their goals
  • The popularity builds the reliability - every month 1000 eCommerce merchants are changing their sites to Magento
  • With Magento it is easy to expand your business with custom themes and various modules
  • New merchants who do their homework, choose Magento. They know they get a rapid disposition and the lowest total cost of eCommerce ownership
  • MagePOS

    MagePOS extension

    Android POS solution for Magento backed street stores.
  • LatvijasExprespasts

    ExpressPost extension

    Magento shipping module for Latvian Express Post carrier.
  • FirstData

    First-Data extension

    Magento payment gateway module for First-Data payment gateway.

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